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floorwalker n : an employee of a retail store who supervises sales personnel and helps with customer problems; "a floorwalker is called a shopwalker in England" [syn: shopwalker]

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  1. An employee in a large shop (especially a department store) who acts as supervisor to sales staff, and assists customers.


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Big Brother, agent, auditor, boatswain, boss, chief, clerk, comptroller, controller, floor manager, floorman, foreman, gaffer, ganger, head, headman, inspector, monitor, noncommissioned officer, overman, overseer, proctor, sales agent, sales engineer, sales force, sales manager, sales personnel, salesclerk, salesgirl, saleslady, salesman, salespeople, salesperson, saleswoman, scalper, seller, selling agent, shop assistant, shop clerk, sirdar, slave driver, store clerk, straw boss, subforeman, super, superintendent, supervisor, surveyor, taskmaster, ticket scalper, visitor
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